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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Here are frequently asked questions that we have provided answers to. Please review the questions and answers before contacting us. This will save you time and you can begin studying right away.

Q – How does this help me code faster?

A – Each practice exam has a timer. The higher the number of the practice exam the shorter the time to complete it (example; exam #1 has the longest time to complete, exam #7 has the shortest time to complete).

Q – How many times can I take each exam?

A – As many times as you want. You have unlimited personal access.

Q – Do I have online access to all the questions?

A – Yes! You will have online access to all the questions after your purchase is complete and you register.

Q – Are the questions and answers in the same order each time I take the exams?

A – No, the questions and answers are in random order each time you restart an exam. This way you can not memorize the questions and answer sequence. You have to actually know the answer!

Q – When can I access the exams?

A – As soon as you sign up. You have access 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Q – Can I download the questions and print them?

A – Yes! Each online practice exam is available for download in our store which can be accessed after your purchase is complete.